Who am I…and why you should care.

If you’re reading this there is a good chance you know me, but if you’re one of the people that don’t you’re probably wondering who the heck is this lady and why do I care? I’m here to tell you who I am, and why you should care (although it’s okay if you still don’t when you’re finished reading).

            Who I am is pretty simple, I am Christine Allison (most people call me Allison/Alli/Al) and I am a wife, mother and aspiring writer. I have three children who range from toddler to pre-attitude-filled-teen, three dogs who range about the same, and a cat. It’s sort of like a zoo, only not as calm, or controlled for that matter. My husband and I have been married for 11 years, and though that has not always been easy, and in fact our ups and down serve as inspiration for my story, Finding Cait, we work hard to keep our marriage going. He is in the military, and we often joke that it’s the distance that keeps it real. If you’re married, especially to a military man, you’re probably thinking, it is though! That’s true. When we are fortunate enough to have a shore duty and no deployments we tend to go crazy stepping on each other’s toes. Maybe it’s because we’ve never had to live together every day, or maybe it’s some ingrained teaching in the military that makes them want things a certain way (and it’s almost always the opposite for me). Whatever it is, it works for us, and it’s taken us many years to get to the point where we can bounce back easily and adjust just the same.

            I am also an aspiring writer. It has taken me many years to go back to school and finish my degree. I actually started just before my youngest child was born, so I’ve gone almost two years with both and infant turned toddler and schoolwork. It hasn’t always been easy, and because I’m extremely hard on myself (as I’m sure most of you can relate to) it’s sometimes exhausting. I did it for me though, because I spent so much time putting myself on the back burner for my kids, and even though I still do, I wanted something for myself as well as a reminder to them that life doesn’t have to follow a plan. I had always thought I’d finish school and start a career before having a family, but that wasn’t the case for me, and that’s okay. So now here I am, nearly finished with a degree in Creative Writing and English from SNHU, in the midst of writing my first novel/novella (we will see where it ends) and creating a platform where you can learn about me.

            Which brings me to the why. Why do you care who I am? Well, you might never care, and that’s okay. I’m not here to sell you on my stories (although make no mistake, I will happily share when I’ve finished and published, as well as anything new coming up), I’m here to tell you the truth. Whether it’s a book review on the most recent Karin Slaughter, Jodi Picoult, or Nora Roberts books, or a list of the best places to find inspiration for a new story, I will be real. You don’t need me to tell you that life is perfect, and you’d likely not believe me if I did. You need honesty, it’s what we all crave, and it’s my goal to make sure everything I write comes with your best intentions in mind.

            That being said, I welcome you. I hope you find inspiration from this website, and hope for the future, and most of all, someplace you feel comfortable enough to seek refuge and guidance if you need it.

            Happy reading!


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