Happy Thanksgiving

As I’m finishing my practice and coming back down to reality from Savasana, there is a whirlwind of senses surrounding me, reminding me of everything I am grateful for.

The sound of my furness thrumming, my family’s footsteps and giggles, even my children’s consistent fighting (they don’t miss a day of that) remind me that I’m blessed to have people surrounding me. People that love me and support me unconditionally, and make me smile. The smell of roasting turkey paired with coffee and breakfast remind me that I’m grateful to have food and nourishment. The feeling of contentment after yoga practice serves to remind me that I am grateful for the ability to move freely.

Although I try to take each day to be grateful for what I have today is a day where everyone gives extra thanks. I also know this year is vastly different and there have been many controversies over whether you should see family or not. My own husband is missing his second Thanksgiving with his family because he cannot travel due to COVID restrictions in the military. Whether you are spending the day alone or you’ve found a way to be with family, I hope that you are blessed beyond measure. 

May today remind you of every good thing that you have, despite what this year may have taken from you. May your home be filled with love and laughter, whatever that may look like, and may you have a joyful day.

From my slice of the world to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.


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