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Recharge, Reset, and Reflect

Sometimes in life, we find magic in the most unexpected places. The way a person smiles at us, the way a laugh can change your whole day, or even the way a song can spark a memory. These moments have a way of changing us, creating fragments of the person we are, and yet, we almost always overlook them. The day to day priorities and stresses take away from those moments, rendering them nearly obsolete.

Why is it that we have such a hard time focusing on the small details? Why is it important to stop and recharge those magical moments from time to time?

I was given the wonderful opportunity to take some time to myself and recharge, for the first time in a very long time. Naturally for me, that led to a reflection on these moments and how they seem to get lost in the shuffle. In those days I realized that I often carry the weight of everyone around me; their problems, their emotions and their stresses. The ability to relax and reset myself on any given day is virtually nonexistent because I often feel like if I stop, everything around me will fall. I am so driven to consistently be on the move because if not me, then who? I also realized that it’s not entirely on my shoulders to carry everyone else, and if I continue to try, I will eventually become submerged by the weight of it all.

Not a huge revelation, and not one I haven’t had before, but one that seems to be a necessary reminder from time to time. 

So, what did I do about it?

I rested, recharged and reset myself. I took time to wake up with the sunrise over the ocean, have some coffee and breathe it all in. I did yoga with the balcony door open and the warm, salty air brushing my skin. I walked up and down the strip enjoying the minor beauty that is Virginia Beach (there is some beautiful artwork). I ate every delicious meal alone, enjoying my own thoughts and company (with a few obvious pity stares thrown in). I took a long walk along the beach enjoying the solitude and the sounds of the waves crashing ashore. I came back up a trail through False Cape State Park and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge with the sun casting its warmth on my skin, listening to the birds and watching nature all around me. I kept moving, and I took in every moment as though they were all magical themselves. I stopped worrying, albeit briefly, and I enjoyed the moments as they happened. 

I found a quiet calm and I reminded myself that learning how to take those moments more often is not only okay, but beneficial to everyone around me. 

I am obviously no longer recharging, and life has once again become the chaotic mess that it so often is. In the past few days alone I have been stressed, angry, happy and sad. I have laughed, cried, yelled and wanted to run away (just briefly here). What I haven’t done is carry it all inside and push through with the weight everything else. I took time to enjoy the little things, despite the chaos, and to remember that they are equally important. So when everything seemed to be falling apart around me, I embraced those moments. I laughed until I cried with my mother. I dove headfirst into an honest and insightful conversation with a good friend. I leaned on another friend for comfort when I needed it the most. I snuggled puppies and breathed in the sweet scent of them. I sat on the beach for some time and just enjoyed the moment.

It’s easy enough, once you get into the right mindset, to know when you need to stop and breathe for a moment. I will also say that it helps to have amazing people in my life that keep me grounded and always know when I need someone to talk to. So, thank you to you guys. 


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