A Collection of Poems


I do not like summer,

With its wet, sandy beaches

And the sting of the sun, like a bee you can’t see.

No, I do not like summer,

As much as most,

I prefer to stay as white as a ghost.

Like the pool of ice cream that melts down my arm,

They have joy in their eyes while I wear a frown.

For me, I say, summer is simply a bummer.

I prefer the scent of the crisp fall air

And pumpkin spice stuff everywhere.

I like the leaves falling all around,

As if they’re dancing to the ground.

The twinkling of lights as the fires crackle,

A bright and eerie glow,

Much like the jack-o-lanterns

We display like a vibrant porch show.

This is where my heart soars, with open windows and front doors.

Dad Jokes

There’s a twinkle in his eye,

And a laugh in his throat,

He’s got jokes today, he’s so sly.

They are often not funny, not to I,

Those jokes that he tells are so corny,

But he tells them with a twinkle in his eye.

I wonder why he tells them, this tough guy,

Is it to make me laugh and giggle?

Or because he’s sly?

Yes, I laugh, and I laugh, I don’t know why,

Maybe it’s contagious,

That twinkle in his eye.

Maybe I can’t help it, because when I want to cry,

He always finds corny jokes to tell,

Yes, he’s got jokes today, and he’s sly.

I hope he never changes, I think with a sigh

No matter how corny they are,

They bring a twinkle to his eye.

He’s got jokes today, and he’s sly.


It is love that sings out for us to hear,

Through all the fighting and the yelling too,

It is love, free and easy, always near,

And it rings out in all that we may do.

You never know if it is too late, dear

So, watch the words and actions too, you see

You don’t know if it’s you who has to fear

The loss of love, or maybe, you and me.

I want you to know, love is amazing

So please, be careful and thoughtful with it,

As we sit here and balance our gazing,

Remember always to keep our hearts free.

And treasure love, for all it gives to us,

With a gentle embrace, not a big fuss.

Little One

Bright eyes,

Pools of blue,

With curly hair,

A ginger hue.

Cute little fingers,

Chubby toes,

Toothy smiles,

A button nose.

The giggles,

The squeals,

The chortles,

Laughter, all the time.

As you dance,

And you play,

And you sing,

I love you.

My darling,

Little one,

I love you, too.


This season is almost over,

Just a little longer before it’s gone.

The toys and the messes,

The smiles that light the room.

            Can you see it?

The laughter and the squeals,

The giggles and the goos.

The little lullabies,

Sung beneath the moon.

            Can you hear it?

The joy radiating from the heart,

As you hold that little hand.

Knowing that it’s growing,

And changing day by day.

            Can you feel it?

This season is almost over,

Change is coming soon,

So, enjoy it while you can

It’s long overdue.


There is a monster hiding somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it. The feel of hot breath, the rotting smell of flesh burning my nostrils. There is nothing but darkness. I can hear the subtle purr that escapes its throat, as if taunting its kindness. I want to trust the monster, but there is nothing more than darkness.

So, rooted, right here in this spot, I stay, trying to keep calm. Do not open my eyes. Do not grasp out at the darkness. Breathe in and breathe out, and try to remain, sleeping the monster away, at least for today. 

When morning comes and the light is upon me, the monster is gone, as if it never haunted me. Until tonight when I’m fast asleep, and the monster comes back to my dreams. 

My love

It was on the grass, where I first met you. 

Standing among the trees with your eyes shining blue.

You leaned back. Not a care in the world.

And I thought to myself, I want to be his girl. 

You smiled, I waved, a casual affair. 

A chance meeting among friends.

On that fateful day, it all began.

A million years later, so it seems

There are kids, and the dogs

The joyful laughter they bring

Even the tears that spill down,

Silently screaming of another letdown.

One thing that remains as it always has been

The feeling in my heart when I see you again.

Every glimpse, every kiss, takes me back

To that day, on the grass, among the trees

And my heart is here to stay. 


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