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My Brother is a Werewolf

I am excited to announce another children’s book from the wonderful author, Ray A. Price. If you’ve never heard of him, check out my first post on his children’s book “Build with Bricks”, which includes an author biography and Q & A here: “Build With Bricks

Well, he’s back again and created another delightful story with “My Brother is a Werewolf”.

I was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy (ARC) of the latest story to review for you, and some of the amazing artwork to share as well.

Let me start with saying how great Ray is at being able to tell a creative story while still driving home a specific message. His stories are thoughtful and moving while maintaining a fun and captivating feeling that appeals to all children (mine range from 3-12 and all enjoy these stories and messages).  

The latest is no exception to that.

“My Brother is a Werewolf” is the tale of a young girl who wanted a dog but wound up with a brother, only to have that brother wind up a werewolf! Throughout the story she must learn to work through her frustrations with him, help take care of him as a boy and a wolf, and find balance in this newfound life. After quite a few frustrations and one serious mistake she must find the strength inside to make everything right. 

It’s packed full of adventure, mystery and fun while telling a compelling story of one young girl’s inner strength. I found it most thoughtful that this young girl, who blames herself for her brother being a werewolf and everything that happens thereafter, finds courage in herself to do what’s right. Add to that the touch of magic and mystery and you’ve got a winning combination.

The humor in the story, especially being from the vantage point of a 10-year-old girl, is spot on. The baby brother is first described as “annoying, disgusting, stick and dirty” which somehow doesn’t seem as bad as the werewolf brother who shakes himself off on her after a bath and needs his pooped picked up. The illustrations, done by Sam Aston, perfectly portray the emotions and frustrations of what a young girl must be going through. There is even a fun “after credits” scene that pairs nicely with the messages driven home in the story.

Check it out for yourself when it comes out this Fall (October 29, 2021 to be exact).

In the meantime, be sure to check out Ray and his latest projects on his Twitter Ray Price. You can also check out the Illustrator, Sam Aston, here: Sam Aston and the Colorist, Arin Bray, here: Arin Bray.

Happy Reading!


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