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Quiet Contemplation and Reflection

Around here we try to take the time to reflect on our actions, thoughts and words frequently, but, as with all things, life gets the best of us and it gets lost in the shuffle. So, Sunday's are a day for some reflection and introspection. For myself, it's easy to sit and think about the… Continue reading Quiet Contemplation and Reflection

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Travelling With Children and Why I Do It

Another miniature adventure checked off our list. Have you ever travelled alone with children? It’s not always the easiest or most fun thing to do, and let’s face it, kids can be downright annoying at times. My oldest two are always fighting with each other and asking “are we there yet?”, and my youngest tends… Continue reading Travelling With Children and Why I Do It

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The Adventures of Pameron and Cayton

When I was a kid I loved stories, whether it was reading them or telling them to others; and the stranger the story, the more I enjoyed it. I'm talking about Louis Sachar, Alvin Schwartz, Joanna Cole and so on. Once I had children of my own I read to them constantly, but always either… Continue reading The Adventures of Pameron and Cayton